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We take care of everything digital
So you can follow your passion
We help businesses, big and small alike, to improve their marketing, sales, and profits through process optimization and clever pricing and communication strategies.


"Mathias brings an incredibly wide range of skills to the table and is the rock I need as a self-employed person. Especially during the pandemic, he stood by my side both commercially and personally! A constructive and trustworthy companion who has a solution for everything!"

Loredana Del Vento - Personal Trainer

"Mathias knows how it works. And what you have to do for it. 
I started my business with his help, and I am glad to have him by my side."

Jonas Billstein - Entrepreneur

“At the beginning I thought I could figure out everything by myself, but after a couple of weeks without any new clients and working tirelessly for the few I had, I realized I needed help to actually structure everything I was doing. It was a blessing to find Mathias  at that moment. I think my business wouldn't have survived if I hadn't.”

Maria Gonzales Carrillo - Professional Photographer

Management & Strategy

We advise you on how to make the most impact, reach more people and work efficiently to get the best results possible.

Marketing & Commerce

We help you to market your products and create the perfect processes for people to come to you and become actual clients.

DESIGN & Production

We guide and aid you with text that converts leads into clients and pictures and video that turn clients into real fans of your brand.

overall support

We will take care of all the "other" aspects of your business that need to be done but you don´t want to do yourself: HR, Finance, Legal, Cleaning, etc.

You do what you love, we´ll do the rest.

Seminars & Courses

You have a great Team and want them to achieve even better results? We teach Sales, Customer Service and Leadership.

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